Let’s go to Komodo Island Indonesia with Other Unique Spot

Komodo Island Indonesia offers you the exciting experience to be able to see the komodo from a very short distance. It is located in the Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It is directly adjacent to the West Nusa Tenggara Province. This island is the original habitat of komodo dragons, a type of giant meat-eating lizards. On Komodo Island, there are more than 2,000 that live in wildlife. You can see the Komodo dragon which is targeting its prey in many locations in this place. There is the right place to see a flock of dragons. Tourists can climb a hill, namely Bukit Ara (538 masl). At the top of the mountain, many flocks of dragons live wild. Besides, you can also see other animals, for example, wild deer, bulls, and wild horses.

It is very important to get around with a guide for safety reasons while here. In 1986, UNESCO established Komodo Island, Indonesia and other islands in the Komodo National Park area as a world heritage site. Because of the existence of dragons that can only be found in this region. Komodo Island Indonesia won an award as the New Seven Wonders of Nature. It is an award for the seven best natural attractions in the world. In fact, the length of the Komodo itself can reach 2-3 meters with a weight of 100-165 kg. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the spectacular view of its nature with beautiful white sand decorated with coral reefs and waves on the beach. The seawater is so clear and blue as well as the sun’s rays warm the beach. Here, we will tell you another thing to see besides the exotic Komodo itself.

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1. Visiting Pink Beach

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On this island, there is one very unique beach, Pink Beach. This beach is also known as the Pink Beach, but local residents prefer to call it the Red Beach. The pink colour on the beach is caused by broken coral debris mixed with beach sand. In the world, there are only seven beaches with pink sand and this one is on Komodo Island. Moreover, the beauty of this beach is not only in the unique colour of the sand. The underwater world here is also famously beautiful. This beach is also often a location for diving and snorkelling. The Komodo National Park apparently has another beauty, which is the charming underwater beauty. You can dive and enjoy the beauty of hundreds of species of coral reefs, seaweed, dozens of kinds of sponges, green turtles, and thousands of species of fish including sharks, stingrays, whales, to dolphins.

The underwater world of Komodo Island Indonesia and the Komodo National Park area is one of the best diving locations in the world. When diving or snorkelling here, you can witness the beauty of marine life which is very rich and varied. Meanwhile, Komodo Dragon Tours are the most attractive tours and adventure activities to encourage them to visit the park as well as discover the dragons.

2. Trekking

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One way to enjoy this island is by trekking. You can see these animals while trekking on Komodo Island. But, you have to climb Mount Ara at 538 meters of height above sea level. You will also pass the Water Hole which is a place to drink and rest the dragons. You can see the dragons that are drinking or taking shelter under the surrounding trees. There are four trekking routes that you can choose from short, medium, and long to adventure. It is located in the Wallace Line transition zone, dividing this area very beautifully. Therefore, this island is filled with birds and animals from these two continents.

There are so many types of flora and fauna that live in the Komodo National Park. Here there are 254 species of flora originating from Asia and Australia, 128 species of birds, and 58 other types of fauna. During trekking, you and your group will be accompanied by a ranger or guide as well as the Komodo dragon handler. Ranger will equip you with a stick that has two ends. It is said that the stick is made from one type of tree that can be a weapon to weaken the Komodo dragon. If the Komodo dragon attacks or chases suddenly, the tip of the branching stick is used to press the neck of the Komodo dragon, in a short time the Komodo dragon will weaken and stop attacking.

You can also feel the sensation of being in the middle of the savannah and jungle. Here the place is, this savannah grassland reaches 70% of the total area of ​​the national park. Various types of grass flourish there.

3. Buy a Souvenir

souvenir shop, komodo island

Tourists can come to Loh Buaya and Loh Liang, a souvenir centre selling typical Komodo National Park. can buy shirts that have a picture of a Komodo dragon, a wooden statue of the Komodo dragon, to the nuances of the island of Komodo. Besides, don’t forget the fine woven cloth from Flores with beautiful motifs and patterns and typical Flores snacks, and hair cakes.

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